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General Tips
  1. The biggest problem you are likely to encounter is dust. It will help a lot to properly prepare your environment first.

    - Stop any airflow: shut of ceiling fans and air conditioning systems, close windows and doors, etc.
    - If you have any control of the humidity in your work area, higher is better.
    - Keep any pets out of the room where you will be working.
    - Minimize traffic in your work area: people walking by can stir up dust.
    - Work on a clean surface: a hard table is best because it won’t release any dust.

  2. Clean the outside of the camera before you begin. Pay particular attention to removing any dust around the lens mount. If you get that off before you even open the camera, it will be that much less dust that could get on your screen.

  3. Clean the mirror chamber before you remove the old screen. Use a good light and a tweezers to remove any hairs or fibers from the mirror chamber. Hold the camera lens mount facing down and gently blow out any dust with a bulb blower.

  4. Handle both new and old screens only by the edges or the tab. The faces of the screens scratch very easily - even a fingernail will leave a permanent mark. Latex gloves are a good precaution.

  5. In Nikon models, once the old screen is removed, do NOT use the bulb blower in the mirror chamber. There is an LCD immediately behind the focusing screen which provides the lights for the AF points and dust can be forced past this screen if you blow on it. Once dust gets past there, it cannot be removed. If you need to remove dust from the AF point LCD before putting in the new screen, we recommend a tool called a Spec Grabber. They are available at most photographic retailers.
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